New Seymour Duncan Pickups 

The aged white (cream) is not all of the throwback vibes these new Seymour Duncan Psychedelic Pickups add to my Midnight Blue American Standard Stratocaster. This gal now rocks with the big boys — handling all I can throw at her so far. The current video (on that page of this site) has this lasses first encounter with my fingers, body and soul. Glad I thought to capture the moment— it’s a song called “Howl” and howl she does.

Exclusive Videos 

I will be sending out “friends of the band” videos mid month (1 or 2) that will not be available anywhere else initially. To receive them, all you need to do is sign up for the mailing list. I control the list so no spam and only a couple emails a month. I really do understand the nuisance of receiving way too many emails to process in even a day. Hope you have a chance to sign up – blessings!

Have you ever? 

Yesterday was the worst day of the last year that I can remember…at least in the way I felt…but, there was relief. I woke up with pretty crazy allergies, but still had a load of things on my plate and was successful in plowing through the list. I had my piano lessons last night with my wife and I was in the process of cancelling my slot. My teacher just replied with a simple “Praying you can make it.” More as respect for her, I decided to drag myself to the lesson. About half way through my session, I really started feeling a whole lot better – maybe it was the allergy drugs kicking in or maybe, just maybe, I plowed through the muck and was rewarded with a good learning experience – probably a combination of the two.

I got to visit my school 

I started attending Berklee Online through the Berklee College of Music this last January. As I was in Boston for a wedding, my wife and I walked the 2 miles over to the school's campus. Nice day for a walk and an amazing break from the Central Texas heat.

Skipping the Divide released today, October 24th, 2023 

Steven's collaboration with Shreyas Iyer, the master tabla player. You can read more about Shreyas on the home page of this site. It has been a wonderful experience working with Shreyas. You can purchase the download or a CD for that matter on the Newly Released page. Happy Trails!!!

DIY Artist 

I’m pretty much a one person operation and that’s a challenge sometimes. Jim and Ben are awesome for the trio sessions and I do enjoy collaborations with other musicians (Shreyas Iyer on the upcoming EP — will be released on  October 24th). Juggling married life (my wife is truly my better half), family responsibilities, school at Berklee Online and an emerging music career is a lot of work— but I’m grateful for every bit of it — I’m also grateful to all my friends that have joined me on this journey— I’m blessed to have so many folks identify with what I’m creating— I thank my family and the good Lord above for allowing me to explore tonal possibilities with some of each day — you guys are great!!


From “Tri” stemming from my faith in the Trinity, to “Sonos” derived from the word for sound in Latin, Trisonostry is my adaptation of a newer, more modern Jazz Rock Fusion — elements of Jazz, Classic Rock, Metal, Psychedelic expression etc. My pledge to my friends of this music is to pursue a freshness in the sound whether it’s solo, trio or collaborative projects.

Solo Blacklight Sessions  

Call me crazy, but reliving my High School days, where Spectors was still open and weird blacklight posters adorned the walls of every kids walls along side the Farrett Fawcett pinup lol — hard to get better than that. Probably just a phase, but I’m having a blast, face paint and all!!! You can find all these recordings on my YouTube page.

Berklee Online 

It may interest you that, at 56 years old, I’ve started coursework at Berklee Online to get my undergraduate degree in Music. Never too old in my book. The day I stop learning new things is not a day I look forward too.

Fans versus Friends  

I’ve certainly been a fan of many musical groups during my 56 years around the Sun. Why is it that I’m so opposed to labeling folks who like my music as fans? I guess it’s because as I’ve matured both personally and professionally, I’ve realized that even though my music is instrumental, it’s very personal. Exposing it to the World puts me in a somewhat vulnerable position. So, I’ve determined that those individuals that have joined me on my sonic journey are really friends. If that’s you, maybe you’ve connected with some of my material on a deeper level. That gives us something in common. The experience was a two way street even if I started the conversation through a song i composed, recorded and made available. So friends, thank you for joining my in my musical trek!!!