The music below is from Steven's solo work with WMS

An abstract composition akin to a “Grateful Dead Space” segment. My most abstract electric piece to date. Here offered as a free download:

Here’s another for free download:

World music vibe -- newest solo track

This track, "Insight", has been hailed as my most unique track to date. It was recorded in two recording sessions back to back. The first consisted of a two channel guitar part with the same instrument - one going to a bass amp and the other to a mesa boogie rectroverb. Staying consistent with my current playing style, there are "shoe gaze" effects on the guitar effect chain. After recording this session, I added a soprano sax section -- at this point, I've been playing the instrument for 3 weeks though I played the alto for about 8 years some 30 years ago. 

Many Blessings