And Then There Were Three.... 

Not to be confused with the album by Genesis of the same name, WMS is now the trio that Steven originally envisioned for the Post Rock/Improvisational project. The music of WMS is not defined by tonal boundaries or chord structure changes, so keeping the melodic instruments at two lends itself to some very melodic and also abstract improvisational tunes. WMS's philosophy stems from the abandoned note school of thought -- though we may revisit certain themes in a recording, live show or live stream, our music lends itself to never really playing the same thing twice. It is more than just a jam -- it is an interconnectedness of three gifted musicians playing their hearts out and having a really fun time doing it. Peace!

WMS is officially selected in film festival 

Hi all,

It was announced this week that When Mountains Speak's entry, "In the Beginning", was selected as an official entry in the Nature Without Borders International Film Festival. The short film was conceived by Steven Clarkson, includes a soundtrack by Jim and Steven, and the video was done by our friend Sandipan of Mad Yeti in India. We look forward to sharing the film on this site after it's premiere at the festival. Have a great weekend!


WMS welcomes Jim Gary 

WMS celebrates its second year by adding Jim Gary to the band's lineup. Jim is a very accomplished bassist. If you want to hear his magical playing in action, just listen to "Prospecting Tonality" on the download page.