New Double Album to be Released Soon

Mark your calendar— “Time Sways” from the new album will be available December 1st. Steven’s first double album will follow with a December 15th release. I’m pretty excited!!!

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"Trisonostry" is a style of playing developed by Steven Clarkson. "Tri" stemming from the word "Trinity" and "Sonos" from the latin for sound. It is an experiential, ambient and surreal approach to music with its' roots mainly in jazz improvisation, 70s metal and psychedelic music, especially early "Grateful Dead".

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AI Videos — one of our recent trio tracks

AI has opened the doors for musical artists use in a variety of ways— some profoundly amazing and some more than troublesome. I would argue that my DYI approach as an independent artist has been able to use AI responsibly and with pretty cool results. My trio’s track and its corresponding video above is an example.