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Award winning Film

Our short film won an “Exceptional Merit” award for its original score. The music was composed by Steven Clarkson and Jim Gary. It is offered here for your pleasure!

Welcome to Our sonic world -- thanks for joining Us

We're glad you're here and we know you will enjoy your journey. Our music draws on numerous influences running the genres from free jazz to classic rock. Our sound probably would be described as post-rock though the format is highly improvisational. From the clean, dynamic bass lines of Jim Gary and the superb drumming of Rodrigo Siva to the soaring electric guitar of Steven Clarkson, we are sure you will find our tonal explorations memorable.

WMS started as Steven's solo project in 2021. 2022 notes the year of a transformation for WMS as Jim  and Rodrigo have joined the project 

A lot of the current content on this site is from Steven's efforts with the WMS project to date. As the band evolves, the content will grow as well.


Soaring Tracks From our First Session as a trio

From the first bass tone that Gary produced from his Gibson to the followup driving drum beat by Rodrigo, WMS had found its voice. The guitar work by Steven was effortless as the rhythm session exploded naturally. Here's a sample of that first session.