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Time Left Ajar

As I put more effort into the trio project, I have been slower at working on my own projects. This album constitutes the last 5 months of solo session work. A lot of the material uses my new Fender Stratocaster as the main tonal instrument. I hope you enjoy the music!!

Time Left Ajar

When Mountains Speak

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September 2022 Solo Release by Steven Wright Clarkson

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Time left ajar ii

This album consists of the WMS collaborative efforts over the last few months. Featuring Jim Gary on bass, Rodrigo Silva on drums and Ben Sands.

Click on the Link Above to access the complete album on Spotify

Click on the Link Above to access the complete album on Spotify

Seasons of Awakening

This album is truly my favorite to date. Named by my wife and dedicated to Quintin Dubec, my saxophone teacher, I couldn't be happier with a first effort with the soprano sax. I started my venture into music in 5th grade by beginning to take alto lessons. A year of honking way too much led to a seat in the stratosphere playing in my middle school band. I continued my time, through 12th grade, climbing my way up the seats to first chair and even winning a trophy for my performances.

Turn the clock forward to the 80s hard rock scene -- every young kid wanted to play electric guitar. So I began playing a beat up Strat in 9th grade and gave up the alto completely after grade school.

Some 30 plus years later, I had a calling of sorts. I can't really explain it, but I really wanted to play sax again. I settled on the soprano, mainly due to my love of John Coltrane's playing in his later years.

The songs contained on this album are the first songs I recorded using my Theo Wanna soprano saxophone. Some are moody and melodic, others haunting and hard edged. I guess something for everyone.

This video also uses my vast arsenal of instruments and effects. I harness the energy of a Girouard custom mandolin, a PRS P-22, a Joe Mendel mandocello and the list goes on. The physical box guitar effects that I use range from Strymon delay pedals to a Moog ring modulator. The percussion consists of manipulated loops on a Boss unit and a tabla/tanpura app.

You can watch the videos of the tracks below. You also can purchase the album in .mp3 format. If you like the tracks, please support my continuing endeavors by buying the album. This album will not be on any of the streaming platforms for purchase or to listen to.

Thank you very much for your continuing support.